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Novaform Mattress Review


The truthful saying of enlightened Dalai Lama claims, “Sleep is the best meditation”. Modern bedroom furniture industry offers different mattresses types, such as gel foam, latex, innerspring, hybrid, and memory foam mattresses, the most popular mattress construction type nowadays. And, there is no wonder, as contemporary memory foam mattresses are able to combine several innovative technologies to promote you the unbeaten level of comfort while sleeping. This mattress type is a bit more costly than others are, but such mattress is well worth the money. One of the home supply manufacturers is Novaform. The product range of this brand if represented by various memory foam mattresses, memory foam contoured pillows, spa mats, and gel memory foam mattress toppers. All the produce is made in the USA. The size options compose twin, full, king, queen, and California king sizes. All the items have vacuumed package and compact size of a parcel, so you will easily carry, unpack, and set up Novaform mattress.

Criteria for Selecting a Good Foam Memory Mattress

The qualitative foam memory mattress for the most of the real users basically means personalized responsive support. Its temperature sensitive pores react to your body heat and adjust perfectly to provide the optimal comfort of sleeping. Undoubtedly, any kind of a mattress should be comfortable, refreshing, and durable. A good mattress also should minimize the disturbance caused by your sleep partner movements. By the way, memory foam mattresses are able to keep temperature balanced as well due to the higher breathability of the foam material. A perfect foam memory mattress usually promotes healthy natural spinal alignment and increases circulation. Let us make another Novaform mattress review in order to find out whether it is a worthy choice.

Novaform mattress product overview

The worthy product we would like to get to know is Novaform 14" Comfort Grande King Memory Foam Mattress. It measures 76 inches wide by 80 inches long by 14 inches thick and weighs 110 pounds. Its cost varies between $500-1000, so this mattress belongs to one of two equally popular price category of the mattresses over 12 inches thick. The mattress thickness features premium, three-layer construction. The top layer is 3-inches thick gel memory foam that provides cradling support. The middle layer comprises of 3-inches air channel foam that retains the optimal sleep temperature and enhanced airflow. The 8-inches base layer foam designed for stability and sustained deep support. In such a way, Novaform mattress will make you forget about any tossing and turning. However, it will provide deep, restful, and refreshing sleep instead.

Other essential features include:

  • Provides adaptive, personalized, therapeutic support and breathable comfort for sleep. Enhanced airflow and adaptable top layer save the optimal sleeping temperature throughout a year.
  • The mattress evenly distributes your body weight, perfectly balancing support and comfort. Hence, it helps to reach deeper sleep due to preventing tossing and turning.
  • Has durable construction and holds its shape over time, so you will not need to rotate and flip it constantly. Moreover, it reduces the impact of possible bedfellow movements preserving your precious sleep.
  • The mattress feels medium firm yet soft enough, just right! This mattress is fine both for back and side sleepers.
  • Luxurious quilted cover repels and wicks away moisture, so the mattress will keep the brand-new look longer.


Because of excellent quality, the manufacturer surely offers a 20-year limited warranty.


This product gives your spine healthy physiological support. The responsive system of pressure points relief allows comfortable, sound sleeping without deflection even for heavy-weighted users. It also will reduce your hip and back pains. The mattress has plenty of cushion comfort, so there is no need for an additional mattress pad and extra expenses. In this way, it partially compensates for the relatively high mattress price. You will also use this investment for a long time without the necessity to buy a new mattress. Proven by Consumer Reports tests durability shows no change in the integrity of Novaform mattress after 8-year wear simulation.


Some consumers state that there is one annoying feature for them. The absence of solid reinforcement along the edge of the mattress may cause some kind of rolling and slipping problems. However, this is the matter of taste. Also, note that box spring is not included in this item.


In the process of careful search of the very best mattress for your bed, always remember one thing. A good night sleep is priceless and hard to overestimate. The considered model has such advantages as durable, responsive construction, supreme comfortable use, and therapeutic backache relief effect. Novaform mattress review has shown us that this model is a right choice for a sound night sleep and a rejuvenated tomorrow.

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