Englander Memory Foam Mattress

Englander Memory Foam Mattress Review


Wise Thomas Dekker once said, “Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” No one will argue about the importance of calm, deep, and sound sleep. However, there are plenty of opinions on the best mattress type, which are innerspring, latex, and memory foam mattresses, the most widely represented on the bedroom furniture market for now.

A good memory foam mattress will help you to reduce your morning back pains and aches due to the abilities of therapeutic contouring and pressure relieving. One of the manufacturers that provide more restful, pressure-free sleep possibilities is Englander Sleep Products Company, founded in 1894. Because of many decades spent on mastering the art and science of sleep, the company offers a consumer both an advanced foam technology and state-of-the-art design of every single Englander mattress.

Criteria of a Good Memory Foam Mattress

When looking for a high-quality memory foam mattress, people want to receive the relaxing comfort and spine support. Good samples also provide a renewed energy in the morning that makes you feel the difference in night sleep quality all day long. The basic requirements for the qualitative memory foam mattress include durability and resilience. It should be cooler on sensation in summer, and warmer on sensation in winter, as well as it should feature no motion transfer. Generally, there are such mattress sizes to choose from twin and twin XL, full and full XL, queen and king (most wide choice), and California king. There are also different mattress thickness types, such as under 6 inches, 6 to 7 Inches, 8 to 11 inches (most popular), and 12 inches & above (also often chosen). These criteria are very individual and determined by a customer’s requirements. Modern mattress industry offers various color solutions in order to empower you with more choice options.

Product overview

The model, I would like to describe, is Essentials 8-inches Full-size Memory Foam Mattress by Englander. It belongs to the most frequently bought price category, namely the mattresses that cost $100-500. Englander Memory foam mattress allows you to relax and have the best night possible. The temperature smart materials sensibly respond to body heat and movement changes. The eight-inch thick mattress provides the sufficient firm yet very cushioned support.

The key features of this model are following:

  • The mattress measures 75 inches long by 54 inches wide by 8 inches high.
  • The Englander mattress includes such layers: 5.5-inch therapeutic high-density foam base, 1.5-inch Viscopedic memory foam, and 1-inch quilt package.
  • You can easily use it along with a platform, box spring or bed slat foundation.
  • Offers medium soft-plush support, that is the most demanded option.
  • Features natural antimicrobial protection and high resistance to dust mites.
  • The technology of the open cell layers provides the precise response to your body temperature; therefore, it provides a perfect support of main pressure points.


Sleeping in the comfort-contours of this mattress, you will find a true relaxation and relief. Produced with Viscopedic memory foam, this mattress will provide a balanced support and mitigate uncomfortable pressure points. In such a way, the manufacturer offers you essential chance to succeed in attainment a comfortable, refreshing sleep.


  • Advanced Visco memory foam technology (PBDE-free and hypoallergenic)
  • Specialty quilted tight top make the Englander mattress exceptionally resilient and durable.
  • Heat and pressure sensitivity of Visco elastic memory foam will successfully support your spine.
  • Save sleep from sudden movements and shaking due to no motion transfer feature.
  • This shape-conforming mattress will not become an uncomfortable unit with dents and indentations.
  • Features with pleasant to body temperature and brings coolness in summer and warmth in winter.
  • You can also rely on its hygiene. Finally, this product with 3-pound density allows cheap and convenient small parcel delivery.


  • This model is slightly more costly than other product of its category, regarding materials, thickness, and size.
  • Nevertheless, a higher price is often a sign of better quality and a trustworthy brand name.
  • There is also no money return policy.
  • You should double check the characteristics, color and size of the model that you want to choose.


A good memory foam mattress will let you not only sleep better but to feel the difference in the level of your well-being all day long. As a modern manufacturer with over a century experience. Combines in its product the old world mastership with state-of-the art design. Englander Memory foam mattress can bring you to the world where supremely comfortable. You can get luxurious sleep is a benefit available to everyone.

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